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Single Phase



Eaton Managed Rack PDU, 0U, 36U, Input IEC-60309 32A 1Ph, 7.4 kW max, 32A, 200-240V, Outlets 20XC13 : 4XC19

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Single Phase



Eaton Managed Rack PDU, 0U, 36U, Input IEC-60309 32A 1Ph, 7.4 kW max, 32A, 200-240V, Outlets 20XC13 : 4XC19

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General specifications Product Name Eaton Managed Rack PDU
Catalog Number EMAB05
Product Length/Depth 1604 mm
Product Height 52 mm
Product Width 53 mm
Product Weight 7 kg
Warranty 2 year
Compliances CE Marked RoHS Compliant EAC
Certifications IEC 60950-1 IEC 61000-6-2 IEC 61000-6-4
EAN 3553340697029
Model Code EPDU MA 0U (309 32A 1P)20XC13:4XC19
Product specifications Number of Outputs C13 20
Phase Single-phase
Electrical connection Connecting cord with plug
Mounting dimension (standardized) Metric
Wattage 7.4 kW max
Form factor 0U (Vertical)
Mounting direction Vertical
Amperage Rating 32AA
Package contents Rack PDUMounting accessoriesNetwork cableConfiguration cableSplitter for daisy-chainingQuickstart guideSafety Instructions
Input connection IEC-60309 32A 1Ph
Fitted with: Display Mounting material Ampere Meter
Frequency rating 50/60 Hz
Evaluation At distance
Operating Temperature 0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
Ethernet interface Yes
Number of outlets with earth pin 24
Circuit breaker (2) single-pole
Mass configuration
Special features Remote Site ManagementTurn off unused outlets to control commissioningPhase Metering, Circuit Breaker Current Metering and Input MeteringCircuit Breaker Status MonitoringLevel 3 PUE measurementsOutlet and IT Equipment Switching/reboot /sequencing across A and B feed in Daisy-ChainSequence Outlets to avoid in-rush current, to ensure equipment starts in correct orderHighly secure with user access control, password protection and SSL configurable to 1024 or 2048 bitHot-Swap Control module with advanced LCDOptional Temperature/Humidity sensorBuilt-in IEC outlet eGrip retention, retains all standard IEC plugsBuilt-in outlet P-lock system, locking mechanism with P-lock power cords
Number of Outputs C19 4
Outlet control
Cord length 3m
Input voltage 200-240V
Color Black
Material Aluminium
Over voltage category 2
Outlets (20) C13, (4) C19
Type Rack PDU
Serial interface
Mounting Dimension (metrical) 52

Power distribution for IT equipment
Rack PDU G3

Basic, In-Line Metered, Metered Input, Metered Outlet, Switched, Managed

Outlets with dual built-in security mechanism

eGrip system to secure standard IEC power cables (Eaton’s patent pending) with a lever-actuated grip that’s integrated into each outlet. Once the levers click into the grip position, the plugs are secured from accidental disconnect due to bumps or vibrations. Outlets are also compatible with a locking system using IEC P-Lock power cables.

Hot-swap capability

Eaton’s hot-swap control module can be replaced without the need to power down your rack. Increase uptime while enhancing service ability and saving on unnecessary service calls. The menu-driven pixel display allows for easy setup and troubleshooting.

Daisy chain eight units from one IP address

Eaton’s new patented daisy-chain capability allows up to eight ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address. Eaton’s technology provides an 87% percent reduction in network infrastructure costs.

Natural load balancing by design

Alternating phase per section on all 3 Phase 32A ePDUs to naturally balanced the rack power load using shorter cables.

Quickly identify load protection and phase with color coded sections

One colour for each phase, one letter per breaker protection.

Provide zero interference into the rail space

New extra flat breakers and low-profile form factor chassis to avoid accidental tripping.

Upgrade your power distribution

Control power at server level

Outlet switching: Remotely control devices by powering on or off individual outlets. Save time and operating costs by rebooting machines from your control centre without costly site visits.
Sequential start up: Make sure your servers start sequentially to avoid in rush current and start your database before the application.
Turn off unused outlets: Control unauthorized use.

Daisy Chain Sensor

Daisy chain up to 3 sensors per rack PDU to get more environmental data’s from your rack. Each sensor has 1 temperature probe, 1 humidity probe and 2 dry contacts.

Cybersecurity enhancement

The firmware is updated on regularly basis to keep the ePDU cybersecurity to the highest standard.

High 60°C operating temperature

Fully functional in high operating temperature environments, resulting in reduced cooling costs.

Universal mounting system

Vertical units (0U) include both rear & side button mounting system, stronger than before, and Eaton’s patented variable clip feet. Horizontal units (1U/2U) come with rack ear support.

Accurate Power Measurement

ePDU G3 provides one percent revenue grade power monitoring for higher accuracy in department billing or colocation data centres. Effectively measure power usage to all outlets or individual outlets.

Device reboot and measurement across A and B feed

When connecting multiple source input servers to an A and B feed power source, the daisy-chain capability allows you to group power supplies across the ePDU. As a result, all the power supplies are controlled with a single action, which saves time rebooting servers with two to six power supplies. The power consumption is available for each device.

Need Something Special?

Your perfect Rack PDU on demand

Dedicated engineering teams to create your perfect Rack PDU on demand. Specific configurations or complete engineering projects

Typical requirements:

  • Halogen free material, national socket types, specific number of C13/C19 outlets
  • Coloured ePDUs on demand to easily identify power source feed
  • Dual ePDU packaging on demand to reduce environmental impact.

Add power redundancy solution for mono power supply devices

Your perfect Rack PDU on demand

Eaton ATS are designed to provide power supply redundancy for single connection equipment. With ATS, power from two independent sources can be supplied to IT equipment, which have only one input power supply.

Automatic and instantaneous

  • Both sources (primary and secondary) are connected in a straightforward manner to the ATS in the base of the rack.
  • The Eaton ATS then controls the redundancy of this electrical power supply.
  • If the primary source fails, transfer to the secondary source is automatic and instantaneous.

IPM Editions, Understand and Manage your power infrastructure

IPM Understand Edition helps to bridge the gap between facility and IT management by providing you just enough information, when you need it and where you need it.

  • Monitoring of Eaton and many 3rd party power devices
  • Power & Environmental reports
  • Trending analysis
  • Control your load balancing and power redundancy primary source fails, transfer to the secondary source is automatic and instantaneous.

Eaton collaborates with the leaders in converged and hyper-converged infrastructures

Our lab-validated power management solutions ensure high uptime of IT systems and data integrity in case of power and environmental issues.

ePDU G3 Accessories

Accessories Part Number Benefits
Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) Gen 2
Get live measurement on temperature, humidity, set threshold and be notified in real time
Adaptor Fast Ethernet Gigabit
Quick and easy way to upgrade your 10/100 Mb network interface G3 ePDU to Gigabit speed
ePDU to UPS cables
Connect an ePDU 32A input to the hardwire output UPS
Water leak detector*
Detect floods and water leaks
Door contact sensor*
Monitor your rack access

*Door contact sensor and water leak detector can be connected through EMPDT1H1C2 dry contacts.


Single Phase



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