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Say Goodbye to Dead Wi-Fi Zones at a Discounted Price

Amplify your Reach with the Netis AC1200 at a lower cost.

Want to Boost Your Signal without Spending Much More?

Extend your Wi-Fi signal and cover all corners.

The Netis AC 1200 Wireless Dual Band Range Extender comes with a built-in AP mode which can transmit new Wi-Fi signals and extend the main route Wi-Fi signals to a farther range.

This device efficiently eliminates the signals dead zone. The Netis AC1200 Wireless dual band range extender E3 is designed to establish a highly effective mobile office or entertainment network with wider coverage. E3 works as a Range Extender in default, which will pick up the wireless signal from your main router and expand it to somewhere that your main router may not reach. With its portable design, it’s a perfect choice for big house owners or anyone else for work or play. Expand your work field with our discounted range extender.

One Button Setup.

Makes connections between the router and wireless devices faster and easier.

The Netis AC 1200 wireless dual band range extender simplifies setup for both homes and businesses with its one-button configuration.

This user-friendly feature streamlines the installation process, ensuring that clients can effortlessly extend their Wi-Fi coverage without the need for complex configurations or technical expertise. This proves particularly beneficial for individuals and businesses seeking a hassle-free solution to amplify their wireless network. Provide affordable Wi-Fi solutions with Mustek Infrastructure.

Highway Internet Speed at a Reduced Cost.

Supreme internet experience.

The Netis AC 1200 extender delivers fast internet speeds, catering to the increasing demand for high-performance connectivity in today’s digital landscape.

Whether at home or in a business setting, clients can experience seamless online activities, such as streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. The extender’s dual band technology further enhances efficiency by providing access to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, optimising performance and reducing potential interference. Get more from our Mustek Infrastructure Promotions by registering as a dealer.

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