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Performance and reliability you expect from a data centre optimised for office environments

Lenovo ThinkSystem ST650 V2 Tower Server

Enterprise performance and flexibility

A powerhouse designed for performance

The ThinkSystem ST650 V2 Tower Server is a powerhouse designed for enterprise performance and flexibility, while maintaining a compact footprint, making it a standout choice for both IT dealers and end users.

The 4U tower server is optimised for office environments, offering unmatched reliability and workload-optimised support. With the latest 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family CPUs, the ST650 V2 delivers exceptional performance and memory capacity, making it perfect for large database and virtual machine deployments. Additionally, its support for PCIe Gen4 networking ensures reduced data bottlenecks, enhancing overall IT efficiency.

Accelerate data insights

Maximise process power

One of the most compelling features of the ThinkSystem ST650 V2 is its ability to accelerate data insights through its future-proof design.

With support for up to 8 single-width (SW), 4 double-width (DW), or a combination of 4 SW and 4 DW GPUs, processing power is maximised, enabling superior application performance. This high-performance parallel computing capability makes the ST650 V2 an ideal choice for enterprise-class AI and VDI workloads, bringing supercomputing power right to the remote office. This versatility ensures that the server can adapt to evolving technological needs and emerging use cases with ease.

Configuration flexibility

Addressing the data demands of IT environments

The ThinkSystem ST650 V2 offers unparalleled configuration flexibility, addressing the ever-growing data demands of modern IT environments, particularly in remote office and edge use cases.

With support for up to 16 hyper-fast NVMe drives alongside traditional 2.5-inch drives, the ST650 V2 excels in rapid data ingest capabilities, crucial for managing the influx of data from IoT devices and sensors. This onboard storage capability, coupled with its powerful processing capabilities, makes the ThinkSystem ST650 V2 Tower Server a compelling solution. This tower server is particularly for businesses seeking reliable, high-performance computing solutions that can scale with their evolving needs.

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