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Keep your lithium batteries safe and secure

Mecer battery box enclosures

As you know, a good quality and secure battery box contributes to the safety, reliability, and longevity of batteries. Are you an installer or manufacturer in the alternative energy sector? If you are, you likely need a consistent supply of stock of battery boxes. Your clients in schools, training institutions and offices, will appreciate a neat storage solution for their batteries. Battery boxes minimise the safety risks and protect against damage.

The Mecer battery box has space for two lithium batteries and is supplied as a free standing or wall mounted unit. The high-quality battery box provides a secure and controlled environment for storing batteries, reducing the risk of accidents, leakage, or other safety hazards. It helps protect against fire hazards and ensures the safety of individuals who interact with the batteries. It also safeguards batteries from physical damage, impacts or accidental drops.

Battery boxes with appropriate sealing and protection prevent the entry of moisture, dust, or other contaminants. This helps maintain the performance and reliability of batteries, especially in harsh or challenging environments. Proper storage conditions offered by a good quality battery box can contribute to the optimal performance and efficiency of batteries. By protecting them from extreme temperatures, humidity, or other environmental factors, the box helps preserve the battery capacity and extends its overall life.

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